49 CFR § 37.151 - Waiver for undue financial burden.

§ 37.151 Waiver for undue financial burden.

If compliance with the service criteria of § 37.131 of this part creates an undue financial burden, an entity may request a waiver from all or some of the provisions if the entity has complied with the public participation requirements in § 37.137 of this part and if the following conditions apply:

(a) At the time of submission of the initial plan on January 26, 1992 -

(1) The entity determines that it cannot meet all of the service criteria by January 26, 1997; or

(2) The entity determines that it cannot make measured progress toward compliance in any year before full compliance is required. For purposes of this part, measured progress means implementing milestones as scheduled, such as incorporating an additional paratransit service criterion or improving an aspect of a specific service criterion.

(b) At the time of its annual plan update submission, if the entity believes that circumstances have changed since its last submission, and it is no longer able to comply by January 26, 1997, or make measured progress in any year before 1997, as described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section.