49 CFR § 376.31 - Interchange of equipment.

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§ 376.31 Interchange of equipment.

Authorized for-hire motor carriers may interchange equipment under the following conditions:

(a) Interchange agreement. There shall be a written contract, lease, or other arrangement providing for the interchange and specifically describing the equipment to be interchanged. This written agreement shall set forth the specific points of interchange, how the equipment is to be used, and the compensation for such use. The interchange agreement shall be signed by the parties or by their authorized representatives.

(b) Operating authority. The carriers participating in the interchange shall be registered with the Secretary to provide the transportation of the commodities at the point where the physical exchange occurs.

(c) Through bills of lading. The traffic transported in interchange service must move on through bills of lading issued by the originating carrier. The rates charged and the revenues collected must be accounted for in the same manner as if there had been no interchange. Charges for the use of the interchanged equipment shall be kept separate from divisions of the joint rates or the proportions of such rates accruing to the carriers by the application of local or proportional rates.

(d) Identification of equipment. The authorized for-hire motor carrier receiving the equipment shall identify equipment operated by it in interchange service as follows:

(1) The authorized for-hire motor carrier shall identify power units in accordance with FMCSA's requirements in 49 CFR part 390 (Identification of Vehicles). Before giving up possession of the equipment, the carrier shall remove all identification showing it as the operating carrier.

(2) Unless a copy of the interchange agreement is carried on the equipment, the authorized for-hire motor carrier shall carry a statement with each vehicle during interchange service certifying that it is operating the equipment. The statement shall also identify the equipment by company or State registration number and shall show the specific point of interchange, the date and time it assumes responsibility for the equipment, and the use to be made of the equipment. This statement shall be signed by the parties to the interchange agreement or their authorized representatives. The requirements of this paragraph shall not apply where the equipment to be operated in interchange service consists only of trailers or semi trailers.

(3) Authorized carriers under common ownership and control may interchange equipment with each other without complying with the requirements of paragraph (d)(1) of this section pertaining to removal of identification from equipment.

(e) Connecting carriers considered as owner - An authorized carrier receiving equipment in connection with a through movement shall be considered to the owner of the equipment for the purpose of leasing the equipment to other authorized carriers in furtherance of the movement to destination or the return of the equipment after the movement is completed.

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