49 CFR § 38.175 - High-speed rail cars, monorails and systems.

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§ 38.175 High-speed rail cars, monorails and systems.

(a) All cars for high-speed rail systems, including but not limited to those using “maglev” or high speed steel-wheel-on-steel rail technology, and monorail systems operating primarily on dedicated rail (i.e., not used by freight trains) or guideway, in which stations are constructed in accordance with part 37, subpart C of this title, shall be designed for high-platform, level boarding and shall comply with § 38.111(a) of this part for each type of car which is similar to intercity rail, §§ 38.111(d), 38.113 (a) through (c) and (e), 38.115 (a) and (b), 38.117 (a) and (b), 38.121 through 38.123, 38.125(d), and 38.127 (if applicable) of this part. The design of cars shall be coordinated with the boarding platform design such that the horizontal gap between a car door at rest and the platform shall be no greater than 3 inches and the height of the car floor shall be within plus or minus 5/8 inch of the platform height under all normal passenger load conditions. Vertical alignment may be accomplished by car air suspension or other suitable means of meeting the requirement. All doorways shall have, when the door is open, at least 2 footcandles of illumination measured on the door threshold.

(b) All other high-speed rail cars shall comply with the similar provisions of subpart F of this part.