49 CFR § 387.33 - Financial responsibility, minimum levels.

§ 387.33 Financial responsibility, minimum levels.

(a) General limits. Except as provided in § 387.27(b), the minimum levels of financial responsibility referred to in § 387.31 are prescribed as follows:

Public Liability

For-hire motor carriers of passengers operating in interstate or foreign commerce.

Vehicle seating capacity Minimum limits
(1) Any vehicle with a seating capacity of 16 passengers or more, including the driver $5,000,000
(2) Any vehicle with a seating capacity of 15 passengers or less, including the driver 1,500,000

(b) Limits applicable to transit service providers. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section, the minimum level of financial responsibility for a motor vehicle used to provide transportation services within a transit service area located in more than one State under an agreement with a Federal, State, or local government funded, in whole or in part, with a grant under 49 U.S.C. 5307, 5310 or 5311, including transportation designed and carried out to meet the special needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities, will be the highest level required for any of the States in which it operates. This paragraph applies to transit service providers that operate in more than one State, as well as transit service providers that operate in only one State but interline with other motor carriers that provide interstate transportation within or outside the transit service area. Transit service providers conducting such operations must register as for-hire passenger carriers under part 365, subpart A and part 390, subpart E, of this subchapter, identify the State(s) in which they operate under the applicable grants, and certify on their registration documents that they have in effect financial responsibility levels in an amount equal to or greater than the highest level required by any of the States in which they are operating under a qualifying grant.

[80 FR 63709, Oct. 21, 2015, as amended at 83 FR 22876, May 17, 2018]
Effective Date Note:
At 82 FR 5307, Jan. 17, 2017, § 387.33 was suspended, effective Jan. 14, 2017.