49 CFR § 391.63 - Multiple-employer drivers.

§ 391.63 Multiple-employer drivers.

(a) If a motor carrier employs a person as a multiple-employer driver (as defined in § 390.5 of this subchapter), the motor carrier shall comply with all requirements of this part, except that the motor carrier need not—

(1) Require the person to furnish an application for employment in accordance with § 391.21;

(2) Make the investigations and inquiries specified in § 391.23 with respect to that person;

(3) Perform the annual driving record inquiry required by § 391.25(a); or

(4) Perform the annual review of the person's driving record required by § 391.25(b).

(b) Before a motor carrier permits a multiple-employer driver to drive a commercial motor vehicle, the motor carrier must obtain the driver's name, the driver's social security number, and the identification number, type, and issuing driver's licensing authority of the driver's commercial motor vehicle operator's license. The motor carrier must maintain this information for three years after employment of the multiple-employer driver ceases.

[63 FR 33278, June 18, 1998, as amended at 79 FR 59457, Oct. 2, 2014; 87 FR 13209, Mar. 9, 2022]