49 CFR § 570.8 - Suspension systems.

§ 570.8 Suspension systems.

(a)Suspension condition. Ball joint seals shall not be cut or cracked. Structural parts shall not be bent or damaged. Stabilizer bars shall be connected. Springs shall not be broken, or extended above the vehicle manufacturer's design height. Spacers, if installed, shall be installed on both front springs, both rear springs, or on all four springs. Shock absorber mountings, shackles, and U-bolts shall be securely attached. Rubber bushings shall not be cracked, extruded out from or missing from suspension joints. Radius rods shall not be missing or damaged.

(1)Inspection procedure. Examine front and rear end suspension parts for conditions indicated.

(b)Shock absorber condition. There shall be no oil on the shock absorber housing attributable to leakage by the seal, and the vehicle shall not continue free rocking motion for more than two cycles.

(1)Inspection procedure. Examine shock absorbers for oil leaking from within, then with vehicle on a level surface, push down on one end of vehicle and release. Note number of cycles of free rocking motion. Repeat procedure at other end of vehicle.

[38 FR 23950, Sept. 5, 1973, as amended at 44 FR 68470, Nov. 29, 1979]