49 CFR 599.102 - Definitions.

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§ 599.102 Definitions.

As used in this part -

Agency or NHTSA means the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

CARS Act means the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009, Public Law 111-32, 123 Stat. 1859 (June 24, 2009).

CARS Program means the program authorized under the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009, which NHTSA refers to as the Car Allowance Rebate System.

Category 1 truck means a non-passenger automobile, as defined in section 49 U.S.C. 32901(a)(17) and 49 49 CFR 523.3, except that such term does not include a category 2 truck.

Category 2 truck means a large van with a wheelbase of 124 inches or more, or a large pickup with a wheelbase of 115 inches or more.

Category 3 truck means a work truck, as defined in 49 U.S.C. 32901(a)(19).

Clear title means title to a vehicle that is free from all liens and encumbrances.

Combined Fuel Economy means -

(1) With respect to an eligible new vehicle, the number, expressed in miles per gallon, centered below the words “Combined Fuel Economy” on the label required to be affixed or caused to be affixed on a new automobile pursuant to subpart D of 40 CFR part 600.

(2) With respect to an eligible trade-in vehicle of model year 1985 or later, the number posted under the words “Estimated New EPA MPG” or “New EPA MPG” and above the word “Combined,” except that for a bi-fuel, dual fuel, or flexible fueled vehicle, that number must also be below the word “Gasoline,” on the fueleconomy.gov Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency for the make, model, and year of such vehicle.

Credit means an electronic payment to a dealer for a qualifying transaction under the program.

Dealer means a person licensed by a State who engages in the sale of a new automobile to a person who in good faith purchases such automobile for purposes other than resale.

Disposal facility means a facility listed on http://www.cars.gov/disposal as eligible to receive a trade-in vehicle for crushing or shredding under the CARS program, except in the case of a U.S. territory.

End-of-Life Vehicle Solutions or ELVS means an entity established under the National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program for the collection, recycling and disposal of elemental mercury from automotive switches.

Engine block means the part of the engine containing the cylinders and typically incorporating water cooling jackets and also including the crank shaft, connecting rods, pistons, bearings, cam(s), and cylinder head(s). In a rotary engine, the block includes the rotor housing and rotor.

GVWR means gross vehicle weight rating.

Lease means a lease of a new vehicle for a period of not less than 5 years, excluding any lease with a balloon payment due prior to the elapsing of 5 years.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or MSRP means the base Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, excluding any dealer accessories, optional equipment, taxes and destination charges.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or NMVTIS means the online system established under the oversight of the Department of Justice that enables consumers and others to access vehicle history information, including salvage history, total loss information, and title branding and odometer information, and to which insurance companies and salvage yards must report vehicle status information. (http://www.nmvtis.gov.)

New Vehicle means an automobile or work truck, the equitable or legal title of which has not been transferred to any person other than the purchaser.

Non-titling Jurisdiction means a State that does not issue a title for certain typically older vehicles.

Passenger automobile means a passenger automobile, as defined in section 49 U.S.C. 32901(a)(18) and 49 49 CFR 523.4.

Person means an individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, or joint stock company.

Purchaser means a person purchasing or leasing a new vehicle under the CARS Program.

Salvage auction means an entity that receives a CARS trade-in vehicle from a dealer and is authorized to sell it only to a disposal facility on the Disposal Facility List and that will make all the necessary certifications for salvage auctions under the CARS program.

State means any one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.