49 CFR Part 1201, Appendix I to Part 1201 - Certification of Branch Line Accounting System Records

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Appendix I to Part 1201—Certification of Branch Line Accounting System Records
Carrier: (Exact legal title or name of the respondent)
Name, title, telephone number and address of the person to be contacted:
Telephone Number: (Area Code) and (Telephone number)
Office Address: (Street and number) (City, State, and ZIP code)
I, the undersigned,
of (Title of officer in charge of accounts)
(Full name of reporting company)
certify that during the calendar year 19__ the branch line accounting system data were collected and maintained for each line that met the criteria set forth in 49 CFR 1201, Subpart B, section 920(a), Lines For Which Data Collection Is Required, (Docket No. 36366).
The lines covered by this certification are described below: (Describe each branch line separately using the following format as set forth in 49 CFR 1152.11.)
(a) Carrier's designation for line (Ex. Zanesville Secondary Track);
(b) State or states in which line is located;
(c) County or counties in which line is located;
(d) Milepost delineating each line or portion of line;
(e) Agency or terminal station(s) located on line or portion of line with milepost designations;
(f) Current category designation and date placed in that category; and
(g) Previous category.
[44 FR 9730, Feb. 14, 1979, as amended at 47 FR 49596, Nov. 1, 1982]

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