49 CFR Part 222, Appendix G to Part 222 - Excess Risk Estimates for Public Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

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Appendix G to Part 222—Excess Risk Estimates for Public Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
Ban Effects/Train Horn Effectiveness
[Summary table]
Warning type Excess risk estimate
Nation (Except Florida East Coast Railway and Chicago Region Crossings)
Passive 74.9.
Flashers only 30.9.
Flashers with gates 66.8.
Florida East Coast Railway Crossings
Flashers with gates 90.9.
Chicago Region Crossings
Passive To be determined.
Flashers only To be determined.
Flashers with gates To be determined.
Note One:
The warning type column reflects primary warning device types. FRA is aware that a variety of arrangements are in place at individual crossings.
Note Two:
The “excess risk estimate” is a figure that represents the amount by which collision frequency has been estimated to increase when routine locomotive horn sounding is restricted at public highway-rail grade crossings.
[74 FR 46394, Sept. 9, 2009]

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