49 CFR Part 512, Appendix B to Part 512 - General Class Determinations

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Appendix B to Part 512—General Class Determinations
The Chief Counsel has determined that the following types of information would presumptively be likely to result in substantial competitive harm if disclosed to the public:
(1) Blueprints and engineering drawings containing process and production data where the subject could not be manufactured without the blueprints or engineering drawings except after significant reverse engineering;
(2) Future specific model plans (to be protected only until the date on which the specific model to which the plan pertains is first offered for sale); and
(3) Future vehicle production or sales figures for specific models (to be protected only until the termination of the production period for the model year vehicle to which the information pertains).
[68 FR 44228, July 28, 2003, as amended at 69 FR 21425, Apr. 21, 2004]

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