49 CFR Part 591, Appendix C to Part 591 - Power of Attorney and Agreement

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Appendix C to Part 591—Power of Attorney and Agreement
_______ does constitute and appoint the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States Department of Transportation, or delegate, as attorney for the undersigned, for and in the name of the undersigned to collect or to sell, assign, and transfer the securities described below as follows:
Int. Rate
Serial #
The securities having been deposited by it as security for the performance of the agreements undertaken in a bond with the United States, executed on the date of _____ , ___, the terms and conditions of which are incorporated by reference into this power of attorney and agreement and made a part hereof. The undersigned agrees that in case of any default in the performance of any of the agreements the attorney shall have full power to collect the securities or any part thereof, or to sell, assign, and transfer the securities or any part thereof, or to sell, assign, and transfer the securities of any part thereof at public or private sale, without notice, free from any equity of redemption and without appraisement or valuation, notice and right to redeem being waived and to apply the proceeds of the sale or collection in whole or in part to the satisfaction of any obligation arising by reason of default. The undersigned further agrees that the authority granted by this agreement is irrevocable. The undersigned ratifies and confirms whatever the attorney shall do by virtue of this agreement.
Witnessed and signed this _____ day of _____, ___.
Before me, the undersigned, a notary public within and for the County of ______ in the State of ______, personally appeared _______ and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing power of attorney.
Witness my hand and notarial seal this _____ day of _____, 199_.
[Notarial seal]
Notary Public ________
[58 FR 12909, Mar. 8, 1993]

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