5 CFR § 1210.17 - Hearings.

§ 1210.17 Hearings.

(a) Right to a hearing. An appellant has a right to a hearing as set forth in 5 U.S.C. 7701(a).

(b) General. Hearings may be held in-person, by video or by telephone at the discretion of the administrative judge.

(c) Scheduling the hearing. The administrative judge will set the hearing date during the initial status conference. A hearing generally will be scheduled to occur no later than 18 days after the appeal is filed.

(d) Length of hearings. Hearings generally will be limited to no more than 1 day. The administrative judge, at his or her discretion, may allow for a longer hearing.

(e) Court reporters. The MSPB will contract for a court reporter to be present at hearings.