5 CFR § 1639.55 - Requests for offset from Federal agencies.

§ 1639.55 Requests for offset from Federal agencies.

Any Federal agency may request that funds due and payable to its debtor by the Board be administratively offset in order to collect a debt owed to that agency by the debtor, so long as the funds are not payable from net assets available for Thrift Savings Plan benefits. The Board will initiate the requested offset only:

(a) Upon receipt of written certification from the creditor agency stating:

(1) That the debtor owes the debt;

(2) The amount and basis of the debt;

(3) That the agency has prescribed regulations for the exercise of administrative offset; and

(4) That the agency has complied with its own administrative offset regulations and with the applicable provisions of 4 CFR part 102, including providing any required hearing or review; and

(b) Upon a determination by the Board that collection by offset against funds payable by the Board would be in the best interest of the United States as determined by the facts and circumstances of the particular case, and that such an offset would not otherwise be contrary to law.