5 CFR § 178.207 - Claims settlement jurisdiction.

§ 178.207 Claims settlement jurisdiction.

(a) District of Columbia and Government corporations. Claims for unpaid compensation due deceased employees of the government of the District of Columbia shall be paid by the District of Columbia, and those of Government corporations or mixed ownership Government corporations may be paid by the corporations.

(b) Office of Personnel Management. Each agency shall pay undisputed claims for the compensation due a deceased employee. Except as provided in paragraph (a) of this section, disputed claims for money due deceased employees of the Federal Government will be submitted to the Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness, in accordance with § 178.102 of subpart A. For example:

(1) When doubt exists as to the amount or validity of the claim;

(2) When doubt exists as to the person(s) properly entitled to payment; or

(3) When the claim involves uncurrent checks. Uncurrent checks are unnegotiated and/or undelivered checks for money due the decedent which have not been paid by the end of the fiscal year after the fiscal year in which the checks were issued. The checks, if available, should accompany the claims.

(c) Payment of claim. Claims for money due will be paid by the appropriate agency only after settlement by the Office of Merit Systems Oversight and Effectiveness occurs.

[62 FR 68139, Dec. 31, 1997, as amended at 65 FR 40967, July 3, 2000]

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