5 CFR § 213.3301 - Positions of a confidential or policy-determining nature.

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§ 213.3301 Positions of a confidential or policy-determining nature.
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(a) Upon specific authorization by OPM, agencies may make appointments under this section to positions which are policy-determining or which involve a close and confidential working relationship with the head of an agency or other key appointed officials. Positions filled under this authority are excepted from the competitive service and constitute Schedule C. Each position will be assigned a number from § 213.3302 to § 213.3999, or other appropriate number, to be used by the agency in recording appointments made under that authorization.

(b) When requesting Schedule C exception, agencies must submit to OPM a statement signed by the agency head certifying that the position was not created solely or primarily for the purpose of detailing the incumbent to the White House.

(c) The exception from the competitive service for each position listed in Schedule C by OPM is revoked immediately upon the position becoming vacant. An agency shall notify OPM within 3 working days after a Schedule C position has been vacated.

[60 FR 35120, July 6, 1995]