5 CFR § 2634.309 - Periodic reporting of transactions.

§ 2634.309 Periodic reporting of transactions.

(a) In general. Each financial disclosure report filed pursuant to § 2634.201(f) must include a brief description, the date, and value (using the categories of value in § 2634.301(d)(2) through (9)) of any purchase, sale, or exchange of stocks, bonds, commodity futures, and other forms of securities by the filer during the reporting period, in which the amount involved in the transaction exceeds $1,000.

(b) Exceptions. The following transactions need not be reported under paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) Transactions solely by and between the reporting individual, the reporting individual's spouse, or the reporting individual's dependent children;

(2) Transactions of excepted investment funds as defined in § 2634.312(c);

(3) Transactions involving Treasury bills, notes, and bonds; money market mutual funds or accounts; and bank accounts (as defined in § 2634.301(c)(2)), provided they occur at rates, terms, and conditions available generally to members of the public;

(4) Transactions involving holdings of trusts and investment funds described in § 2634.312(b) and (c); and

(5) Transactions which occurred at a time when the reporting individual was not a public financial disclosure filer or was not a Federal Government officer or employee.