5 CFR § 301.203 - Duration of appointment.

§ 301.203 Duration of appointment.

(a) An appointment under this subpart is of indefinite duration unless otherwise limited.

(b) An agency may make an overseas limited term appointment for a period not in excess of 5 years when a time limitation is imposed as a part of a general program for rotating career and career-conditional employees between overseas areas and the United States after specified periods of overseas service.

(c) An agency may make an overseas limited appointment for 1 year or less to meet administrative needs for temporary employment. An agency may extend such an appointment for up to a maximum of 1 additional year.

(d) Upon request from the headquarters level of a Department or agency, OPM may approve, or delegate to agencies the authority to approve, exceptions to the time limits set out in paragraph (c) of this section.

[44 FR 54691, Sept. 21, 1979, as amended at 60 FR 3057, Jan. 13, 1995]