5 CFR § 302.302 - Examination of applicants.

§ 302.302 Examination of applicants.

(a) Eligibility. An evaluation of the qualifications of applicants for positions covered by this part may be conducted at any time before an appointment is made. The evaluation may involve only determination of eligibility or ineligibility or may include qualitative rating of candidates. If the evaluation involves only basic eligibility numerical scores will not be assigned and eligible candidates will be referred in accordance with the procedures described in paragraph (b)(5) of § 302.304. If qualitative ranking is desired, numerical scores may be assigned in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section. Each agency shall make a part of the records the reasons for its decision to use ranked or unranked referral and, for ranked actions, the quality ranking factors used. This information shall be made available to an applicant on his/her request.

(b) Rating. Numerical scores will be assigned on a scale of 100. Each applicant who meets the qualification requirements for the position established under § 302.202 will be assigned a rating of 70 or more and will be eligible for appointment. Candidates scoring 70 or more will receive additional points for veteran preference as provided in § 302.201. Numerical ratings are not required when all qualified applicants will be offered immediate appointment. When there is an excessive number of applicants, numerical ratings are required only for a sufficient number of the highest qualified applicants to meet the anticipated needs of the agency within a reasonable period of time. The agency must, however, adopt procedures to insure the consideration of preference eligibles in the order in which they would have been considered if all applicants had been assigned numerical ratings. An agency shall furnish a notice of the rating assigned to an applicant on his/her request.

(c) Nonpreference applicants for certain positions. An agency may not consider or rate an application for the position of elevator operator, messenger, guard, or custodian submitted by a nonpreference eligible as long as at least three qualified preference eligibles are available for the position.

(d) Evaluating experience. When experience is a factor in determining eligibility, an agency shall credit a preference eligible (1) with time spent in the military service of the United States if the position for which he/she is applying is similar to the position which he/she held immediately before his/her entrance into the military service; and (2) with all valuable experience, including experience gained in religious, civic, welfare, service, and organizational activities, regardless of whether pay was received therefor.