5 CFR § 315.709 - Appointment for Persons With Disabilities.

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§ 315.709 Appointment for Persons With Disabilities.

(a) Coverage. An employee appointed under § 213.3102(u) of this chapter may have his or her appointment converted to a career or career-conditional appointment when he or she:

(1) Completes 2 or more years of satisfactory service, without a break of more than 30 days, under a nontemporary appointment under § 213.3102(u);

(2) Is recommended for such conversion by his or her supervisor;

(3) Meets all requirements and conditions governing career and career-conditional appointment except those requirements concerning competitive selection from a register and medical qualifications; and

(4) Is converted without a break in service of one workday.

(b) Tenure on conversion. An employee converted under paragraph (a) of this section becomes:

(1) A career-conditional employee, except as provided in paragraph (b)(2) of this section; or

(2) A career employee if he or she has completed 3 years of substantially continuous service in a temporary appointment under § 213.3102(u) of this chapter, or has otherwise completed the service requirement for career tenure, or is excepted from it by § 315.201(c).

(c) Acquisition of competitive status. A person whose employment is converted to career or career-conditional employment under this section acquires a competitive status automatically on conversion.

[71 FR 42245, July 26, 2006]