5 CFR § 317.602 - Conditions of a limited appointment.

§ 317.602 Conditions of a limited appointment.

(a) Appointments authorized under this provision may be deemed provisional appointments for purposes of the regulations set out in parts 831, 842, 870, and 890 of this chapter if they meet the criteria set out in §§ 316.401 and 316.403 of this chapter.

(b) A limited appointment is not renewable. If an agency initially made the appointment for less than the maximum period authorized by the Office of Personnel Management, however, the agency may extend the appointment to the maximum period without the approval of the Office. The Office must be notified of the extension.

(c) A limited term or limited emergency appointee may not be appointed to, or continue to hold, a position under such an appointment if, within the preceding 48 months, the individual has served more than 36 months, in the aggregate, under any combination of limited term and limited emergency appointments.

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