5 CFR § 339.204 - Waiver of standards and requirements and medical review boards.

§ 339.204 Waiver of standards and requirements and medical review boards.

(a) An agency must waive a medical standard or physical requirement established under this part when an applicant or employee, unable to meet that standard or requirement, presents sufficient evidence that the applicant or employee, with or without reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential duties of the position without endangering the health and safety of the applicant or employee or others. Additional information obtained by the agency may be considered in determining whether a waiver is appropriate. An agency may establish timeframes, in writing, for submission of initial or additional information for consideration, with allowance for reasonable extensions.

(b) Agencies may, but are not required to, establish medical review boards to help the agency provide a case-by-case, fact-based, individualized assessment whenever an individual is found to not meet agency medical standards or physical requirements. An agency may also use a medical review board as a forum for a higher level of review within the agency when medical questions or issues arise. If established, the Board is expected to recommend administrative actions that are consistent with applicable law, as well as applicable and current medical practice standards of care, through the combined expertise of its members.

(c) The use and composition of a medical review board will be determined by the agency. Upon request, an agency will provide to OPM information regarding the composition and use of medical review boards. OPM may issue guidance from time to time as to best practices with respect to the composition and use of such boards.