5 CFR § 352.902 - Definitions.

§ 352.902 Definitions.

In this subpart -

Act means the Panama Canal Act of 1979 (22 U.S.C. 3601 et seq.).

Agency means an Executive agency, the United States Postal Service, and the Smithsonian Institution.

Commission means the Panama Canal Commission as established by section 1101 of the Act.

Competitive area is defined in § 351.402 of part 351 of this chapter.

Competitive level is defined in § 351.403(a) of part 351 of this chapter.

Detail is the assignment of loan of an employee to the Commission without the employee's transfer. The employee remains an employee of the agency in which employed and continues to be the incumbent of the position from which detailed.

Term of employment means the period of employment specified in the written agreement between the Commission and the agency for the transfer of an employee or extension of transfer.

Transfer means the change in appointment of an employee from an agency to a new appointment with the Commission.