5 CFR § 4101.108 - Outside employment and business activity.

§ 4101.108 Outside employment and business activity.

(a) Prohibition. No covered employee shall perform services, either on a paid or unpaid basis, for any System institution or related entity, or any officer, director, employee, or person connected with a System institution or related entity. Nothing in this section would prohibit covered employees from providing any service that is a part of their official duties.

(b) General requirement for prior approval. All employees shall obtain prior written approval before engaging in any outside employment or business activity, with or without compensation, unless the outside activity is exempt from the definition of “employment” as set forth in paragraph (c) of this section. An employee proposing to engage in outside employment and business activities is required, prior to commencement, to send a written notice of the proposed employment or activity to the DAEO on a form prescribed by the DAEO. Approval shall be granted only upon a determination that the employment or activity is not expected to involve conduct prohibited by statute, part 2635 of this title, or paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) Definition. For purposes of this section, “employment” means any form of non-Federal employment, business relationship or activity involving the provision of personal services by the employee, whether or not for compensation. It includes, but is not limited to, personal services as an officer, director, employee, agent, attorney, consultant, contractor, general partner, trustee, teacher, or speaker. It includes writing when done under an arrangement with another person for production or publication of the written product. It does not, however, include participation in the activities of a nonprofit charitable, religious, professional, social, fraternal, educational, recreational, public service, or civic organization for which no compensation is received other than reimbursement for necessary expenses.