5 CFR § 532.201 - Definitions.

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§ 532.201 Definitions.

For the purposes of this part:

Full-scale survey means a survey conducted at least every 2 years in which data are collected from a current sampling of establishments in the private sector by personal visit of data collectors. With the unanimous consent of the members of a Local Wage Survey Committee, data may also be obtained from a private sector establishment or establishments during a full-scale wage survey by telephone, mail, or electronic means.

Host activity is the local Federal activity designated by the lead agency to obtain employment statistics from other Federal activities in the wage area and to provide support facilities and clerical assistance for the wage survey.

Lead agency means the agency designated by the Office of Personnel Management to plan and conduct wage surveys, analyze wage survey data, and determine and issue required wage schedules for a wage area.

Survey area means that part of the wage area where the private enterprise establishments included in the wage survey are located.

Wage area means that geographic area within which a single set of regular wage schedules is applied uniformly by Federal installations to covered occupations.

Wage change survey means a survey in which rate change data are collected from the same establishments and for the same establishment occupations represented in the full-scale survey. These data may be collected by telephone, mail, electronic means, or personal visit.

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