5 CFR § 550.312 - General limitations.

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§ 550.312 General limitations.

(a) The allotter must specifically designate the allottee and the amount of the allotment.

(b) The total amount of allotments may not exceed the pay due the allotter for a particular period.

(c) The allotter must personally authorize a change or cancellation of an allotment.

(d) The agency has no liability in connection with any authorized allotment disbursed by the agency in accordance with the allotter's request.

(e) Any disputes regarding any authorized allotment are a matter between the allotter and the allottee.

(f) Notwithstanding the requirements in paragraphs (a) and (c) of this section, an agency may make an allotment for an employee's share of Federal Employees Health Benefits premiums under § 550.311(a)(7) and part 892 of this chapter without specific authorization from the employee, unless the employee specifically waives such allotment. Agency procedures for processing employee waivers must be consistent with procedures established by the Office of Personnel Management. (See part 892 of this chapter.)

[46 FR 2325, Jan. 9, 1981, as amended at 64 FR 69176, Dec. 10, 1999; 65 FR 44644, July 19, 2000; 71 FR 66828, Nov. 17, 2006]

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