5 CFR § 581.303 - Response to legal process or interrogatories.

§ 581.303 Response to legal process or interrogatories.

(a) Whenever the designated agent is validly served with legal process pursuant to State procedures in effect pursuant to subjection (a)(1) or (b) of section 666 of title 42, United States Code, within 30 calendar days, or within such longer period as may be prescribed by applicable State law, the agent shall comply with all applicable provisions of section 666, including as follows:

(1) If an agent is served with notice concerning amounts owed by an obligor to more than one person, the agent shall comply with section 666(b)(7);

(2) Allocation of moneys due and payable to an individual under section 666(b) shall be governed by section 666(b) and the regulations prescribed under such section by the Secretary of Health and Human Services;

(3) Such moneys as remain after compliance with paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section shall be available to satisfy any other such legal process on a first-come, first-served basis, with any such legal process being satisfied out of such moneys as remain after the satisfaction of all such legal process which have been previously served.

(4) The agent or the agent's counsel or other designee shall respond within 30 calendar days to interrogatories which accompany legal process if the information sought in the interrogatory is not available to the entity to which it was sent, and the proper entity is known, the recipient shall forward the interrogatory to the appropriate entity in sufficient time to allow for a timely response.

(b) If State or local law authorizes the issuance of interrogatories prior to or after the issuance of legal process, the agent shall respond to the interrogatories within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt: Provided, That the document(s) required by § 581.202(c) have been presented.

[45 FR 85667, Dec. 30, 1980, as amended at 63 FR 14759, Mar. 26, 1998]