5 CFR § 630.209 - Refund for unearned leave.

§ 630.209 Refund for unearned leave.

(a) When an employee who is indebted for unearned leave is separated, the agency shall:

(1) Require him to refund the amount paid him for the period covering the leave for which he is indebted; or

(2) Deduct that amount from any pay due him.

An employee who enters active military service with a right of restoration is deemed not separated for the purpose of this paragraph.

(b) This section does not apply when an employee:

(1) Dies;

(2) Retires for disability; or

(3) Resigns or is separated because of disability which prevents him from returning to duty or continuing in the service, and which is the basis of the separation as determined by his agency on medical evidence acceptable to it.