5 CFR § 630.704 - Granting shore leave.

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§ 630.704 Granting shore leave.

(a) Authority.

(1) An employee has an absolute right to use shore leave, subject to the right of the head of the agency to fix the time at which shore leave may be used.

(2) Shore leave may be granted during a voyage only when requested by an employee.

(3) An employee shall submit his request for shore leave in writing and whenever an employee's request for shore leave is denied, the denial shall be in writing.

(b) Accumulation. Shore leave is in addition to annual leave and may be accumulated for future use without limitation.

(c) Charge for shore leave. The minimum charge for shore leave is one day and additional charges are in multiples thereof.

(d) Lump-sum payment. Shore leave may not be the basis for lump-sum payment on separation from the service.

(e) Terminal leave.

(1) Except as provided by paragraph (e)(2) of this section, an agency shall not grant shore leave to an employee as terminal leave. For the purpose of this paragraph terminal leave is approved absence immediately before an employee's separation when an agency knows the employee will not return to duty before the date of his separation.

(2) An agency shall grant shore leave as terminal leave when the employee's inability to use shore leave was due to circumstances beyond his control and not due to his own act or omission.

(f) Forfeiture of shore leave. Shore leave not granted before (1) separation from the service, or (2) official assignment (other than by temporary detail) to a position in which the employee does not earn shore leave, is forfeited. When an official assignment will result in forfeiture of shore leave, the agency to the extent administratively practicable shall give an employee an opportunity to use the shore leave he has to his credit either before the reassignment or not later than 6 months after the date of his reassignment when the agency is unable to grant the shore leave before the reassignment.

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