5 CFR § 950.101 - Definitions.

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§ 950.101 Definitions.

As used in this part:

Administrative Expenses means the overhead costs of the participating organization based on information from the Internal Revenue Service Form 990.

Application Fee means a non-refundable fee paid by a charitable organization in each campaign period for which it seeks to participate.

Campaign Expenses means the cost of the administration of the campaign by the Central Campaign Administrator and any Outreach Coordinators.

Central Campaign Administrator means the organization(s) responsible for developing and maintaining the CFC Web site and charity application module, and to which OPM may assign responsibility for making distributions to charities.

Charity List means the official list of charities approved by OPM for inclusion in the CFC.

Combined Federal Campaign or Campaign or CFC means the charitable fundraising program established and administered by the Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) pursuant to Executive Order No. 12353, as amended by Executive Order No. 12404, and all subsidiary units of such program.

Director means the Director of the Office of Personnel Management or his/her designee.

Distribution fee means amount assessed against pledges received should the application and listing fees not cover all the costs of the campaign.

Employee means any person employed by the Government of the United States or any branch, unit, or instrumentality thereof, including persons in the civil service, uniformed service, foreign service, and the postal service.

Family Support and Youth Activities (FSYA) means an organization on a domestic military base recognized by the Department of Defense as providing programs for military families on the base.

Family Support and Youth Programs (FSYP) means an organization on a non- domestic military base recognized by the Department of Defense as providing programs for military families on the base.

Federation or Federated Group means a group of voluntary charitable human health and welfare organizations created to supply common fundraising, administrative, and management services to its constituent members.

Independent Organization means a charitable organization that is not a member of a federation for the purposes of the Combined Federal Campaign.

International General Designation Option means an option available to donors under which his or her gift is distributed to all of the international organizations listed in the International Section of the Charity List in the same proportion as all of the international organizations received designations in the local CFC. This option will have the code IIIII.

International Organization means a charitable organization that provides services either exclusively or in a substantial preponderance to persons in areas outside of the United States.

Listing Fee means a non-refundable annual fee charged only to charitable organizations approved for participation.

Local Federal Coordinating Committee means the group of Federal officials designated by the Director to oversee the CFC in a zone and to assist the Director with the charity application reviews.

Organization or Charitable Organization means a non-profit, philanthropic, human health and welfare organization.

Outreach Coordinator means an individual or an entity hired by the Local Federal Coordinating Committee to conduct marketing activities, arrange for events such as Charity Fairs, and educate charities and donors regarding the program.

Services means the real services, benefits, assistance or program activities provided by charitable organizations. These may include, but are not limited to, medical research and assistance, education, financial assistance, mentoring, conservation efforts, spiritual development, the arts, and advocacy.

Solicitation means any action requesting a monetary donation, either by payroll deduction or credit card, on behalf of charitable organizations.