5 CFR § 950.103 - Establishing Local Federal Coordinating Committees.

§ 950.103 Establishing Local Federal Coordinating Committees.

(a) The Director, in his or her sole discretion, will establish, maintain, and, from time to time, revise an official list of campaign zones.

(b) For each campaign zone, the Director will establish a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC) for the purpose of governing the campaign for that zone. It will be the responsibility of the Federal Executive Board or lead agency (as identified by the Director) in the zone to ensure an active and diverse membership, with a minimum of three members. The LFCC shall consist of the following:

(1) Members to be drawn from local Federal inter-agency organizations, such as Federal Executive Boards, or from personnel assigned to the military installation and/or agency identified as the lead agency in that zone;

(2) Representation from local Federal Agencies located within the zone, representing a cross-section of agencies with regard to personnel types and locations; and

(3) If approved by the Director, representatives of employee unions and other employee groups.

(c) The members of each LFCC must select a Chair and a Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair positions will be rotated among the LFCC members. The term of the Chair and Vice Chair may not exceed three consecutive years. Any LFCC Chair or Vice Chair is subject to removal by the Director, in his sole and unreviewable discretion.

(d) The LFCC will ensure that, to the extent reasonably possible, every employee is given the opportunity to participate in the CFC.

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