5 CFR § 950.104 - Local Federal Coordinating Committee responsibilities.

§ 950.104 Local Federal Coordinating Committee responsibilities.

(a) The LFCC is to serve as the central source of information regarding the CFC among Federal employees in their zone. All members of the LFCC must develop an understanding of campaign regulations and procedures.

(b) The responsibilities of the LFCC members include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Attend required LFCC training and obtain certification in LFCC operations;

(2) Maintain minutes of LFCC meetings and respond promptly to any request for information from the Director;

(3) Name a LFCC Chair and Vice Chair and notify the Director when there is a change in either position;

(4) Assist in determining the eligibility of organizations that apply to participate in the campaign as required and assigned by OPM;

(5) Provide training to employees in the methods of non-coercive solicitation;

(6) Provide instructions to employees regarding the process for making donations and designating the charitable organizations to receive their donations.

(7) Take appropriate measures to protect potential donors from coercion to participate in the campaign.

(8) Bring any allegations of potential donor coercion to the attention of the employee's agency and provide a mechanism to review employee complaints of undue coercion in Federal fundraising. Federal agencies shall provide procedures and assign responsibility for the investigation of such complaints. The agency official responsible for conducting the campaign is responsible for informing employees of the proper channels for pursuing such complaints.

(9) Notify the Director of issues concerning the campaign that the LFCC cannot resolve by applying these regulations. The LFCC must abide by the Director's decisions on all matters concerning the campaign.

(10) Review, approve and provide authorization to the Central Campaign Administrator for payments to the outreach coordinator in an efficient and effective manner as outlined in the agreement between OPM and the Central Campaign Administrator.

(11) Conduct an effective and efficient campaign in a fair and even-handed manner aimed at collecting the greatest amount of charitable contributions possible. LFCC's should afford federated groups and agencies with representatives in the campaign area adequate opportunity to offer suggestions relating to the operation of the campaign.

(c) The LFCC may hire an Outreach Coordinator to provide local operation marketing support to their campaign, including developing marketing plans and materials, employee training, campaign event and activity support, and the printing and distribution of CFC Charity Lists and pledge forms as permitted in 5 CFR § 950.102(d).

(d) Monitor the work of the Outreach Coordinator, ensuring compliance with these regulations, as well as performance as outlined in agreement with the LFCC.

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