5 CFR § 950.108 - Preventing coercive activity.

§ 950.108 Preventing coercive activity.

True voluntary giving is fundamental to Federal fundraising activities. Actions that do not allow free choices or create the appearance that employees do not have a free choice to give or not to give, or to publicize their gifts or to keep them confidential, are contrary to Federal fundraising policy. Activities contrary to the non-coercive intent of Federal fundraising policy are not permitted in campaigns. They include, but are not limited to:

(a) Solicitation of employees by their supervisor or by any individual in their supervisory chain of command. This does not prohibit the head of an agency to perform the usual activities associated with the campaign kick-off and to demonstrate his or her support of the CFC in employee newsletters or other routine communications with the Federal employees.

(b) Supervisory inquiries about whether an employee chose to participate or not to participate or the amount of an employee's donation. Supervisors may be given nothing more than summary information about the major units that they supervise.

(c) Setting of 100 percent participation goals.

(d) Establishing personal dollar goals and quotas.

(e) Developing and using lists of non-contributors.

(f) Providing and using contributor lists for purposes other than the routine collection and forwarding of contributions and allotments, and as allowed under § 950.501.

(g) Using as a factor in a supervisor's performance appraisal the results of the solicitation in the supervisor's unit or organization.

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