5 CFR § 950.302 - Responsibilities of federations.

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§ 950.302 Responsibilities of federations.

(a) Federations must ensure that only those member organizations that comply with all eligibility requirements included in these regulations are certified for participation in the CFC.

(b) The Director may elect to review, accept or reject the certifications of the eligibility of the members of federations. If the Director requests information supporting a certification of eligibility, that information shall be furnished promptly. Failure to furnish such information within 10 business days of the receipt of the request constitutes grounds for the denial of national eligibility of that member.

(c) Each federation, as fiscal agent for its member organizations, must ensure that Federal employee designations are honored in that each member organization receives its proportionate share of receipts based on the results of each individual campaign. The proportionate share of receipts is determined by donor designations to the individual member organization as compared to total campaign designations.

(d) Federations must disburse CFC funds to each member organization without any further deductions. Membership dues, fees, or other charges to member organizations must be assessed outside of the CFC disbursement process.

(e) Federations must disburse CFC funds to member organizations on a quarterly basis, at a minimum. The disbursements must be made within the months of June, September, December, and March.

(f) Disbursements to federation members that include funds from a non- CFC campaign must include a report that clearly identifies the amount of CFC funds.