5 CFR § 9701.204 - Definitions.

§ 9701.204 Definitions.

In this subpart:

Band means a work level or pay range within an occupational cluster.

Basic pay means an employee's rate of pay before any deductions and exclusive of additional pay of any kind, except as expressly provided by law or regulation. For the specific purposes prescribed in §§ 9701.332(c) and 9701.333, respectively, basic pay includes locality and special rate supplements.

Classification, also referred to as job evaluation, means the process of analyzing and assigning a job or position to an occupational series, cluster, and band for pay and other related purposes.

Competencies means the measurable or observable knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics required by a position.

Occupational cluster means a grouping of one or more associated or related occupations or positions. An occupational cluster may include one or more occupational series.

Occupational series means the number OPM or DHS assigns to a group or family of similar positions for identification purposes (for example: 0110, Economist Series; 1410, Librarian Series).

Position or Job means the duties, responsibilities, and related competency requirements that are assigned to an employee whom the Secretary or designee approves for coverage under § 9701.202(a).

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