50 CFR § 13.22 - Renewal of permits.

§ 13.22 Renewal of permits.

(a) Application for renewal. Applicants for renewal of a permit must submit a written application at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of the permit. Applicants must certify in the form required by § 13.12(a)(5) that all statements and information in the original application remain current and correct, unless previously changed or corrected. If such information is no longer current or correct, the applicant must provide corrected information.

(b) Renewal criteria. The Service shall issue a renewal of a permit if the applicant meets the criteria for issuance in § 13.21(b) and is not disqualified under § 13.21(c).

(c) Continuation of permitted activity. Any person holding a valid, renewable permit may continue the activities authorized by the expired permit until the Service acts on the application for renewal if all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The permit is currently in force and not suspended or revoked;

(2) The person has complied with this section; and

(3) The permit is not a CITES document that was issued under part 23 of this subchapter (because the CITES document is void upon expiration).

(d) Denial. The issuing officer may deny renewal of a permit to any applicant who fails to meet the issuance criteria set forth in § 13.21 of this part, or in the part(s) or section(s) specifically governing the activity for which the renewal is requested.

[54 FR 38148, Sept. 14, 1989, as amended at 72 FR 48446, Aug. 23, 2007]

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