50 CFR § 18.140 - Measures to reduce impacts to subsistence users.

§ 18.140 Measures to reduce impacts to subsistence users.

(a) Prior to conducting the work, the applicant will take the following steps to reduce potential effects on subsistence harvest of sea otters:

(1) Avoid work in areas of known sea otter subsistence harvest;

(2) Discuss the planned activities with subsistence stakeholders including Cook Inlet villages, traditional councils, and the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council;

(3) Identify and work to resolve concerns of stakeholders regarding the project's effects on subsistence hunting of sea otters; and

(b) If any unresolved or ongoing concerns remain, develop a POC in consultation with the Service and subsistence stakeholders to address these concerns. The POC must include a schedule for ongoing community engagement and specific measures for mitigating any potential conflicts with subsistence hunting.

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