50 CFR § 228.11 - Prehearing conference.

§ 228.11 Prehearing conference.

(a) After an examination of all the direct testimony submitted pursuant to § 228.7, the presiding officer shall make a preliminary determination of issues of fact which may be addressed at the hearing.

(b) The presiding officer's preliminary determination shall be made available at the place or places provided in the notice of the hearing (§ 228.4(b)(8)) at least 5 days before the prehearing conference.

(c) The purpose of the prehearing conference shall be to enable the presiding officer to determine, on the basis of the direct testimony submitted and prehearing discussions:

(1) Whether the presiding officer's preliminary determination of issues of fact for the hearing has omitted any significant issues;

(2) What facts are not in dispute;

(3) Which witnesses may appear at the hearing; and

(4) The nature of the interest of each party and which parties' interests are adverse.

(d) Only parties may participate in the hearing conference and a party may appear in person or be represented by counsel.

(e) Parties who do not appear at the prehearing conference shall be bound by the conference's determinations.