50 CFR 29.21-8 - Electric power transmission line rights-of-way.

§ 29.21-8 Electric power transmission line rights-of-way.

By accepting a right-of-way for a power transmission line, the applicant thereby agrees and consents to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions, except those which the Secretary may waive in a particular case, in addition to those specified in § 29.21-4(b).

(a) To protect in a workmanlike manner, at crossings and at places in proximity to his transmission lines on the right-of-way authorized, in accordance with the rules prescribed in the National Electric Safety Code, all Government and other telephone, telegraph and power transmission lines from contact and all highways and railroads from obstruction and to maintain his transmission lines in such manner as not to menace life or property.

(b) Neither the privilege nor the right to occupy or use the lands for the purpose authorized shall relieve him of any legal liability for causing inductive or conductive interference between any project transmission line or other project works constructed, operated, or maintained by him on the servient lands, and any radio installation, telephone line, or other communication facilities now or hereafter constructed and operated by the United States or any agency thereof.

[ 42 FR 43919, Aug. 31, 1977, as amended at 48 FR 31655, July 11, 1983]
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