50 CFR § 300.121 - Definitions.

§ 300.121 Definitions.

In addition to the terms defined in § 300.2, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, and § 600.10 of this title, and in the Treaty, the terms used in this subpart have the following meanings. If a term is defined differently in § 300.2, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, or the Treaty, the definition in this section shall apply.

Conch means Strombus gigas.

Factory vessel means a vessel that processes, transforms, or packages aquatic biological resources on board.

Lobster means one or both of the following:

(1) Smoothtail lobster, Panulirus laevicauda.

(2) Caribbean spiny lobster or spiny lobster, Panulirus argus.

Regional Administrator means the Administrator of the Southeast Region, or a designee.

Science and Research Director means the Director, Southeast Fisheries Science Center.

Treaty waters means the waters of one or more of the following:

(1) Quita Sueno, enclosed by latitudes 13°55′ N. and 14°43′ N. between longitudes 80°55′ W. and 81°28′ W.

(2) Serrana, enclosed by arcs 12 nautical miles from the low water line of the cays and islands in the general area of 14°22′ N. lat., 80°20′ W. long.

(3) Roncador, enclosed by arcs 12 nautical miles from the low water line of Roncador Cay, in approximate position 13°35′ N. lat., 80°05′ W. long.

[61 FR 35550, July 5, 1996, as amended at 76 FR 59305, Sept. 26, 2011]