50 CFR § 300.126 - Prohibitions.

§ 300.126 Prohibitions.

In addition to the general prohibitions specified in § 600.725 of this title and the prohibited acts specified in § 300.4, it is unlawful for any person to do any of the following:

(a) Fish in treaty waters without the certificate and permit aboard, or fail to display the certificate and permit, as specified in § 300.123(a) and (f).

(b) Fail to notify the Regional Administrator of a change in application information, as specified in § 300.123(j).

(c) Fail to report a vessel's arrival in and departure from treaty waters, as required by § 300.124(a).

(d) Falsify or fail to display and maintain vessel identification, as required by § 300.125.

(e) Fail to comply immediately with instructions and signals issued by an enforcement officer of the Republic of Colombia, as specified in § 300.127.

(f) Operate a factory vessel in treaty waters, as specified in § 300.130(a).

(g) Use a monofilament gillnet in treaty waters, as specified in § 300.130(b).

(h) Use autonomous or semi-autonomous diving equipment in treaty waters, as specified in § 300.130(c).

(i) Use or possess in treaty waters a lobster trap or fish trap without a degradable panel, as specified in § 300.130(d).

(j) Possess conch smaller than the minimum size limit, as specified in § 300.131(a).

(k) Fish for or possess conch in the closed area or during the closed season, as specified in § 300.131(b) and (c).

(l) Retain on board a berried lobster or strip eggs from or otherwise molest a berried lobster, as specified in § 300.132(a).

(m) Possess a lobster smaller than the minimum size, as specified in § 300.132(b).

(n) Fail to return immediately to the water unharmed a berried or undersized lobster, as specified in § 300.132(a) and (b).

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