50 CFR 300.222 - Prohibitions.

§ 300.222 Prohibitions.

In addition to the prohibitions in § 300.4, it is unlawful for any person to:

(a) Fail to obtain and have on board a fishing vessel a valid WCPFC Area Endorsement as required in § 300.212.

(b) Fail to report a change in the information required in an application for a WCPFC Area Endorsement as required in § 300.212(g).

(c) Fail to provide information on vessels and fishing authorizations or fail to report changes in such information as required in § 300.213.

(d) Fish for, retain on board, or land fish, including HMS, in areas under the jurisdiction of a nation other than the United States without authorization by such nation to do so, as provided in § 300.214(a)(1) and (b)(1).

(e) Operate a fishing vessel in violation of, or fail to ensure the vessel crew complies with, the applicable national laws of a member of the Commission other than the United States, including any laws related to carrying vessel observers or the operation of VMS units, as provided in § 300.214(a)(2) and (b)(2).

(f) Fail to carry, allow on board, or assist a WCPFC observer as required in § 300.215.

(g) Assault, obstruct, resist, delay, refuse boarding to, intimidate, harass, or interfere with a WCPFC observer, or attempt to do any of the same, or fail to provide a WCPFC observer with food, accommodation or medical facilities, as required in § 300.215.

(h) Offload, receive, or load fish from a purse seine vessel at sea in the Convention Area, in contravention of § 300.216.

(i) Fail to mark a fishing vessel or a boat, skiff, or other watercraft on board the fishing vessel as required in § 300.217, or remove, obscure, or obstruct such markings, or attempt to do so.

(j) Fail to maintain and report catch and effort information or transshipment information as required in § 300.218.

(k) Fail to install, activate, or operate a VMS unit as required in § 300.219(c).

(l) In the event of VMS unit failure or interruption, fail to repair or replace a VMS unit, fail to notify the SAC and follow the instructions provided, or otherwise fail to act as provided in § 300.219(c)(4).

(m) Disable, destroy, damage or operate improperly a VMS unit installed under § 300.219, or attempt to do any of the same, or fail to ensure that its operation is not impeded or interfered with, as provided in § 300.219(e).

(n) Fail to make a VMS unit installed under § 300.219 or the position data obtained from it available for inspection, as provided in § 300.219(f) and (g).

(o) Fail to carry on board and monitor communication devices as required in § 300.219(h).

(p) Fail to carry on board and make available the required vessel documentation and authorizations as required in § 300.221(a)(1).

(q) Fail to continuously monitor the specified radio frequencies as required in § 300.221(a)(2).

(r) Fail to carry on board, and keep accessible, an up-to-date copy of the International Code of Signals as required in § 300.221(a)(3).

(s) Fail to provide access to, or fail to allow and assist, a WCPFC transshipment monitor as required in § 300.221(a)(4).

(t) Fail to comply with the instructions of, or fail to accept and facilitate prompt and safe boarding by, a WCPFC inspector, or fail to cooperate and assist a WCPFC inspector in the inspection of a fishing vessel, as provided in § 300.221(b).

(u) Fail to stow fishing gear or fishing equipment as required in § 300.221(c).

(v) Use a fishing vessel equipped with purse seine gear to fish in the ELAPS while the fishery is closed under § 300.223(a).

(w) Set a purse seine around, near or in association with a FAD or a vessel, deploy or service a FAD, or use lights in contravention of § 300.223(b).

(x) Discard fish at sea in the Convention Area in contravention of § 300.223(d).

(y) Fail to comply with the sea turtle mitigation gear and handling requirements of § 300.223(f).

(z) Use a fishing vessel to retain on board, transship, or land bigeye tuna captured by longline gear in the Convention Area or to fish in contravention of § 300.224(f)(1) or (f)(2).

(aa) Use a fishing vessel to fish in the Pacific Ocean using longline gear both inside and outside the Convention Area on the same fishing trip in contravention of § 300.224(f)(3).

(bb) Fail to stow longline gear as required in § 300.224(f)(4).

(cc) Fail to carry on board a WCPFC observer during a transshipment at sea, as required in § 300.215(d).

(dd) Offload, receive, or load fish caught in the Convention Area from a purse seine vessel at sea in contravention of § 300.216.

(ee) Fail to ensure that a WCPFC observer is on board at least one of the vessels involved in the transshipment for the duration of the transshipment in contravention of § 300.216(b)(2)(i), except as specified at § 300.216(b)(4).

(ff) Receive transshipments from more than one fishing vessel at a time in contravention of § 300.216(b)(2)(ii), except as specified at § 300.216(b)(4).

(gg) Transship to or from another vessel, in contravention of § 300.216(b)(3)(i), except as specified at § 300.216(b)(4).

(hh) Provide bunkering, receive bunkering, or exchange supplies or provisions with another vessel, in contravention of § 300.216(b)(3)(ii).

(ii) Engage in net sharing except as specified under § 300.216(c).

(jj) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a transshipment report as required in § 300.218(b), except as specified under § 300.218(c).

(kk) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a transshipment notice as required in § 300.218(d).

(ll) Transship more than 24 nautical miles from the location indicated in the transshipment notice, in contravention of § 300.218(d)(3).

(mm) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a discard report as required in § 300.218(e).

(nn) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a net sharing report as required in § 300.218(f).

(oo) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, an entry or exit notice for the Eastern High Seas Special Management Area as required in § 300.225.

(pp) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a daily FAD report as required in § 300.218(g).

(qq) Fail to submit, or ensure submission of, a whale shark encirclement report as required in § 300.218(h).

(rr) Set or attempt to set a purse seine on or around a whale shark (Rhincodon typus) in contravention of § 300.223(g).

(ss) Fail to release a whale shark encircled in a purse seine net of a fishing vessel as required in § 300.223(h).

(tt) Use a fishing vessel to retain on board, transship, store, or land any part or whole carcass of an oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) or silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) in contravention of § 300.226(a).

(uu) Fail to release an oceanic whitetip shark or silky shark as required in § 300.226(b).

(vv) Fail to obtain an IMO number for a fishing vessel as required in § 300.217(c).

(ww) Fail to carry an observer as required in § 300.223(e).

(xx) Fail to comply with any of the limits, restrictions, prohibitions, or requirements specified under § 300.227.

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United States Code
U.S. Code: Title 16 - CONSERVATION

§ 773 - Definitions

§ 773a - International Pacific Halibut Commission

§ 773b - Acceptance or rejection of Commission recommendations

§ 773c - General responsibility

§ 773d - Cooperation of Federal agencies

§ 773e - Prohibited acts

§ 773f - Civil penalties

§ 773g - Crimes and criminal penalties

§ 773h - Forfeitures

§ 773i - Administration and enforcement

§ 773j - Authorization of appropriations

§ 773k - Location of office space and other facilities on or near University of Washington campus in State of Washington

§ 951 - Definitions

§ 952 - Commissioners

§ 953 - General Advisory Committee and Scientific Advisory Subcommittee

§ 954 - Repealed. Pub. L. 92–471, title II, § 203(b), Oct. 9, 1972, 86 Stat. 787

§ 955 - Rulemaking

§ 956 - Inspection of returns, records, or other reports

§ 957 - Violations; fines and forfeitures; application of related laws

§ 958 - Cooperation with other agencies

§ 959 - Enforcement

§ 960 - Commissions’ functions not restrained by this chapter or State laws

§ 961 - Authorization of appropriations

§ 962 - Reduction of bycatch in eastern tropical Pacific Ocean

§ 971 - Definitions

§ 971a - Commissioners

§ 971b - Advisory committee

16 U.S. Code § 971b–1 - Species working groups

§ 971c - Authority of Secretary of State; cooperative enforcement agreements

§ 971d - Administration

§ 971e - Violations

§ 971f - Enforcement

§ 971g - Cooperation in carrying out Convention

§ 971h - Authorization of appropriations

§ 971i - Research on Atlantic highly migratory species

§ 971j - Repealed. Pub. L. 114–81, title I, § 107(5), Nov. 5, 2015, 129 Stat. 658

§ 971k - Savings clause

§ 973 - Definitions

§ 973a - Application to other laws

§ 973b - Regulations

§ 973c - Prohibited acts

§ 973d - Exceptions

§ 973e - Criminal offenses

§ 973f - Civil penalties

§ 973g - Licenses

§ 973h - Enforcement

§ 973i - Findings by Secretary

§ 973j - Reporting requirements; disclosure of information

§ 973k - Closed Area stowage requirements

§ 973l - Observers

§ 973m - Technical assistance

§ 973n - Arbitration

§ 973o - Disposition of fees, penalties, forfeitures, and other moneys

§ 973p - Additional agreements

§ 973q - Secretary of State to act for United States

§ 973r - Authorization of appropriations

§ 1801 - Findings, purposes and policy

§ 1802 - Definitions

§ 1803 - Authorization of appropriations

§ 1821 note - Foreign fishing

§ 1826d - Prohibition

§ 1826e - Negotiations

§ 1826f - Certification

§ 1826g - Enforcement

§ 1826h - Biennial report on international compliance

§ 1826i - Action to strengthen international fishery management organizations

§ 1826j - Illegal, unreported, or unregulated fishing

§ 1826k - Equivalent conservation measures

§ 1827 - Observer program regarding certain foreign fishing

§ 1827a - Prohibition on sale of billfish

§ 1828 - Foreign fishing incursions

§ 1829 - International monitoring and compliance

§ 2431 - Findings and purpose

§ 2432 - Definitions

§ 2433 - Representatives

§ 2434 - Conservation measures; system of observation and inspection

§ 2435 - Unlawful activities

§ 2436 - Regulations

§ 2437 - Civil penalties

§ 2438 - Criminal offenses

§ 2439 - Enforcement

§ 2440 - Jurisdiction of courts

§ 2441 - Federal agency cooperation

§ 2442 - Relationship to existing treaties and statutes

§ 2443 - Authorization of appropriations

§ 2444 - Severability

§ 3371 - Definitions

§ 3372 - Prohibited acts

§ 3373 - Penalties and sanctions

§ 3374 - Forfeiture

§ 3375 - Enforcement

§ 3376 - Administration

§ 3377 - Exceptions

§ 3378 - Miscellaneous provisions

§ 3636 - Rulemaking

§ 5501 - Purpose

§ 5502 - Definitions

§ 5503 - Permitting

§ 5504 - Responsibilities of Secretary

§ 5505 - Unlawful activities

§ 5506 - Enforcement provisions

§ 5507 - Civil penalties and permit sanctions

§ 5508 - Criminal offenses

§ 5509 - Forfeitures

U.S. Code: Title 31 - MONEY AND FINANCE

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