50 CFR § 401.7 - General information for the Secretary.

§ 401.7 General information for the Secretary.

Before any Federal funds may be obligated for any project an applicant shall furnish to the Secretary, upon his request, information regarding the laws affecting anadromous fish and the authority of the applicant to participate in the benefits of the Act.

(a) Document signature. Individuals authorized to sign project documents under the Commercial Fisheries Research and Development Act of 1964 (78 Stat. 197, as amended), 16 U.S.C. 779 through 779f, or the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (64 Stat. 430, as amended), 16 U.S.C. 777 through 777f, may likewise sign project documents contemplated in this part.

(b) Program information. The Secretary may, from time to time, request, and the Cooperators shall furnish, information relating to the administration and maintenance of any project established under the Act.