50 CFR 640.7 - Prohibitions.

§ 640.7 Prohibitions.
In addition to the general prohibitions specified in § 600.725 of this chapter, it is unlawful for any person to do any of the following:
(a) Sell, trade, or barter, or attempt to sell, trade, or barter, a spiny lobster in or from the EEZ without a required license, certificate, or permit, as specified in § 640.4(a)(1).
(b) Falsify information specified in § 640.4(b)(2) on an application for a permit.
(c) Fail to display a permit, as specified in § 640.4(h).
(d) Falsify or fail to display and maintain vessel and gear identification, as required by § 640.6 (a) and (b).
(e) Possess a spiny lobster trap in the EEZ at a time not authorized, as specified in § 640.20(b)(3)(i) and (b)(3)(ii).
(f) Possess a spiny lobster in or from the EEZ at a time not authorized, as specified in § 640.20(b)(4).
(g) Fail to return immediately to the water a berried spiny lobster; strip eggs from or otherwise molest a berried spiny lobster; or possess a spiny lobster, or part thereof, from which eggs, swimmerettes, or pleopods have been removed or stripped; as specified in § 640.21(a).
(h) Possess or fail to return immediately to the water unharmed a spiny lobster smaller than the minimum size limits specified in § 640.21 (b)(1) and (b)(3), except as provided in § 640.21(c).
(i) Harvest or attempt to harvest a spiny lobster by diving without having and using in the water a measuring device, or fail to release an undersized spiny lobster in the water, as specified in § 640.21(b)(2).
(j) Possess an undersized spiny lobster for use as an attractant in a trap in quantities or under conditions not authorized in § 640.21(c).
(k) Possess a separated spiny lobster tail, except as specified in § 640.21(d).
(l) Possess a spiny lobster harvested by prohibited gear or methods; or possess on board a fishing vessel any dynamite or similar explosive substance; as specified in § 640.20(b) and § 640.22 (a)(1) and (a)(3).
(m) Use or possess in the EEZ a spiny lobster trap that does not meet the requirements specified in § 640.22(b)(1).
(n) Pull or tend a spiny lobster trap other than during daylight hours, as specified in § 640.22(b)(2).
(o) Pull or tend another person's spiny lobster trap, except as authorized in § 640.22(b)(3).
(p) Possess spiny lobsters in or from the EEZ in an amount exceeding the daily bag and possession limit specified in § 640.23 (a), (b)(1), or (b)(2) except as authorized in § 640.23(b)(3) and (b)(4).
(q) Possess spiny lobsters aboard a vessel that uses or has on board a net or trawl in an amount exceeding the limits, as specified in § 640.23(b)(4).
(r) Operate a vessel that fishes for or possesses spiny lobster in or from the EEZ with spiny lobster aboard in an amount exceeding the cumulative bag and possession limit, as specified in § 640.23(d).
(s) Transfer or receive at sea spiny lobster in or from the EEZ caught under the bag and possession limits, as specified in § 640.23(e).
(t) Interfere with, obstruct, delay, or prevent by any means an investigation, search, seizure, or disposition of seized property in connection with enforcement of the Magnuson-Stevens Act.
(u) Make any false statement, oral or written, to an authorized officer concerning the taking, catching, harvesting, landing, purchase, sale, possession, or transfer of a spiny lobster.
(v) Fish for any species or anchor a fishing vessel in a marine reserve as specified in § 640.26.
(w) Fail to comply with the spiny lobster import prohibitions, as specified in § 640.27.
(x) Harvest a spiny lobster, effective May 11, 2010, in the portion of the Gulf or South Atlantic EEZ designated in § 622.34(n) or § 622.35(m) of this chapter, respectively, due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
(y) Fish for a spiny lobster using trap gear in the areas specified in § 640.22(b)(4).
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