50 CFR § 660.319 - Open access fishery gear identification and marking.

§ 660.319 Open access fishery gear identification and marking.

(a) Gear identification.

(1) Open access fixed gear (longline, trap or pot, set net and stationary hook-and-line gear, including commercial vertical hook-and-line gear) must be marked at the surface and at each terminal end, with a pole, flag, light, radar reflector, and a buoy.

(2) Open access commercial vertical hook-and-line gear that is closely tended as defined at § 660.311 of this subpart, may be marked only with a single buoy of sufficient size to float the gear.

(3) A buoy used to mark fixed gear under paragraph (a)(1) or (a)(2) of this section must be marked with a number clearly identifying the owner or operator of the vessel. The number may be either:

(i) If required by applicable state law, the vessel's number, the commercial fishing license number, or buoy brand number; or

(ii) The vessel documentation number issued by the USCG, or, for an undocumented vessel, the vessel registration number issued by the state.

(b) [Reserved]

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