50 CFR § 660.505 - Prohibitions.

§ 660.505 Prohibitions.

In addition to the general prohibitions specified in § 600.725 of this chapter, it is unlawful for any person to do any of the following:

(a) In the CPS Limited Entry Zone, take and retain, possess or land more than 5 mt of CPS finfish, other than live bait, on a harvesting vessel without a limited entry permit.

(b) In the CPS Limited Entry Zone, take and retain, possess or land more than 125 mt of CPS finfish on a harvesting vessel.

(c) Sell CPS without an applicable commercial state fishery license.

(d) Fish in the reduction fishery for CPS in any closed area specified in § 660.507.

(e) Fish in the reduction fishery for northern anchovy using gear not authorized under § 660.506.

(f) When fishing for CPS, fail to return a prohibited species to the sea immediately with a minimum of injury.

(g) Falsify or fail to affix and maintain vessel markings as required by § 660.504.

(h) Fish for CPS in violation of any terms or conditions attached to an exempted fishing permit issued under § 600.745 of this chapter.

(i) When a directed fishery has been closed, take and retain, possess, or land more than the incidental trip limit announced in the Federal Register, or a directed trip limit as described in § 660.511(d).

(j) Refuse to submit fishing gear or fish subject to such person's control to inspection by an authorized officer, or to interfere with or prevent, by any means, such an inspection.

(k) Falsify or fail to make and/or file any and all reports of fishing, landing, or any other activity involving CPS, containing all data, and in the exact manner, required by the applicable State law, as specified in § 660.3.

(l) Fail to carry aboard a vessel that vessel's limited entry permit issued under § 660.512 or exempted fishing permit issued under § 660.516.

(m) Make a false statement on an application for issuing, renewing, transferring, or replacing a limited entry permit for the CPS fishery.

(n) When fishing for CPS, deploy a net if a southern sea otter is observed within the area that would be encircled by the purse seine net.

(o) Fish for, target, harvest or land a prohibited harvest species in any fishery within the EEZ off the West Coast.

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