50 CFR § 665.201 - Definitions.

§ 665.201 Definitions.
Link to an amendment published at 84 FR 29396, June 24, 2019.

As used in §§ 665.200 through 665.219:

Hawaii bottomfish ecosystem component species (Hawaii bottomfish ECS) means those species that are not listed as Hawaii bottomfish MUS and that are identified as ECS in Table 4 of the Hawaii FEP.

Hawaii bottomfish management unit species (Hawaii bottomfish MUS) means the following species:

Local name Common name Scientific name
lehi silver jaw jobfish Aphareus rutilans.
uku gray jobfish Aprion virescens.
hapu`upu`u sea bass Hyporthodus quernus.
ehu squirrelfish snapper Etelis carbunculus.
onaga longtail snapper Etelis coruscans.
`opakapaka pink snapper Pristipomoides filamentosus.
kalekale pink snapper Pristipomoides seiboldii.
gindai snapper Pristipomoides zonatus.

Hawaii restricted bottomfish species fishing year means the year beginning at 0001 HST on September 1 and ending at 2400 HST on August 31 of the next calendar year.

Main Hawaiian Islands non-commercial bottomfish permit means the permit required by § 665.203(a)(2) to own or fish from a vessel that is used in any non-commercial vessel-based fishing, landing, or transshipment of any Hawaii bottomfish MUS or ECS in the MHI Management Subarea.

Protected species study zone means the waters within 50 nm, as designated by the Regional Administrator pursuant to § 665.208, around the following islands of the NWHI and as measured from the following coordinates:

Name N. lat. W. long.
Nihoa Island 23°05′ 161°55′
Necker Island 23°35′ 164°40′
French Frigate Shoals 23°45′ 166°15′
Gardner Pinnacles 25°00′ 168°00′
Maro Reef 25°25′ 170°35′
Laysan Island 25°45′ 171°45′
Lisianski Island 26°00′ 173°55′
Pearl and Hermes Reef 27°50′ 175°50′
Midway Island 28°14′ 177°22′
Kure Island 28°25′ 178°20′

Seamount Groundfish means the following species:

Common name Scientific name
Armorhead Pentaceros wheeleri.
Alfonsin Beryx splendens.
Raftfish Hyperoglyphe japonica.
[75 FR 2205, Jan. 14, 2010, as amended at 84 FR 2771, Feb. 8, 2019]