50 CFR 665.221 - Definitions.

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§ 665.221 Definitions.

As used in §§ 665.220 through 665.239:

Hawaii coral reef ecosystem management unit species (Hawaii coral reef ecosystem MUS) means all of the Currently Harvested Coral Reef Taxa and Potentially Harvested Coral Reef Taxa listed in this section and which spend the majority of their non-pelagic (post-settlement) life stages within waters less than or equal to 50 fathoms in total depth.

Hawaii Currently Harvested Coral Reef Taxa:

Family name Local name English common name Scientific name
Acanthuridae (Surgeonfishes) na`ena`e orange-spot surgeonfish Acanthurus olivaceus.
Pualu yellowfin surgeonfish Acanthurus xanthopterus.
Manini convict tang Acanthurus triostegus.
Palani eye-striped surgeonfish Acanthurus dussumieri.
Maiko blue-lined surgeon Acanthurus nigroris.
maiko, maikoiko whitebar surgeonfish Acanthurus leucopareius.
whitecheek surgeonfish Acanthurus nigricans.
`api white-spotted surgeonfish Acanthurus guttatus.
Pualu ringtail surgeonfish Acanthurus blochii.
mai`i`i brown surgeonfish Acanthurus nigrofuscus.
Kole yellow-eyed surgeonfish Ctenochaetus strigosus.
NA striped bristletooth Ctenochaetus striatus.
Kala bluespine unicornfish Naso unicornus.
kalalei, umaumalei orangespine unicornfish Naso lituratus.
Acanthuridae (Surgeonfishes) kala holo black tongue unicornfish Naso hexacanthus.
Kala whitemargin unicornfish Naso annulatus.
kala lolo spotted unicornfish Naso brevirostris.
gray unicornfish Naso caesius.
lau`ipala yellow tang Zebrasoma flavescens.
Balistidae (Triggerfish) humuhumu hi`ukole pinktail triggerfish Melichthys vidua.
humuhumu `ele`ele black triggerfish Melichthys niger.
humuhumu nukunuku apua`a picassofish Rhinecanthus aculeatus.
bridled triggerfish Sufflamen fraenatum.
Carangidae (Jacks) akule, hahalu bigeye scad Selar crumenophthalmus.
`opelu, `opelu mama mackerel scad Decapterus macarellus.
Carcharhinidae (Sharks) Man grey reef shark Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos.
Man galapagos shark Carcharhinus galapagensis.
Man blacktip reef shark Carcharhinus melanopterus.
man lalakea whitetip reef shark Triaenodon obesus.
Holocentridae (Soldierfish/Squirrel- fish) menpachi, `u`u
menpachi, `u`u
bigscale soldierfish
brick soldierfish
Myripristis berndti.
Myripristis amaena.
menpachi, `u`u yellowfin soldierfish Myripristis chryseres.
menpachi, `u`u pearly soldierfish Myripristis kuntee.
`ala`ihi file-lined squirrelfish Sargocentron microstoma.
`ala`ihi crown squirrelfish Sargocentron diadema.
`ala`ihi peppered squirrelfish Sargocentron punctatissimum.
`ala`ihi blue-lined squirrelfish Sargocentron tiere.
`ala`ihi Hawaiian squirrelfish Sargocentron xantherythrum.
`ala`ihi saber or long jaw squirrelfish Sargocentron spiniferum.
`ala`ihi spotfin squirrelfish Neoniphon spp.
Kuhliidae (Flagtails) `aholehole Hawaiian flag-tail Kuhlia sandvicensis.
Kyphosidae (Rudderfish) Nenue rudderfish Kyphosus biggibus.
Nenue rudderfish Kyphosus cinerascens.
Nenue rudderfish Kyphosus vaigiensis.
Labridae (Wrasses) `a`awa saddleback hogfish Bodianus bilunulatus.
po`ou ring-tailed wrasse Oxycheilinus unifasciatus.
laenihi, nabeta razor wrasse Xyrichtys pavo.
kupoupou ho`u cigar wrasse Cheilio inermis.
surge wrasse Thalassoma purpureum.
red ribbon wrasse Thalassoma quinquevittatum.
sunset wrasse Thalassoma lutescens.
rockmover wrasse Novaculichthys taeniourus.
Mullidae (Goatfishes) Weke yellow goatfish Mulloidichthys spp.
weke nono orange goatfish Mulloidichthys pfleugeri.
weke`ula yellowfin goatfish Mulloidichthys vanicolensis.
weke`a or weke a`a yellowstripe goatfish Mulloidichthys flavolineatus.
kumu, moano banded goatfish Parupeneus spp.
Munu doublebar goatfish Parupeneus bifasciatus.
moano kea, moano kale yellowsaddle goatfish Parupeneus cyclostomas.
Malu side-spot goatfish Parupeneus pleurostigma.
Moano multi-barred goatfish Parupeneus multifaciatus.
weke pueo bandtail goatfish Upeneus arge.
Mugilidae (Mullets) `ama`ama stripped mullet Mugil cephalus.
Uouoa false mullet Neomyxus leuciscus.
Muraenidae (Moray eels) puhi paka yellowmargin moray eel Gymnothorax flavimarginatus.
Puhi giant moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus.
puhi laumilo undulated moray eel Gymnothorax undulatus.
Puhi dragon eel Enchelycore pardalis.
Octopodidae (Octopus) he`e mauli, tako octopus Octopus cyanea.
he`e, tako octopus Octopus ornatus.
Polynemidae Moi threadfin Polydactylus sexfilis.
Priacanthidae (Big-eyes) `aweoweo glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus.
`aweoweo bigeye Priacanthus hamrur.
Scaridae (Parrotfish) uhu, palukaluka parrotfish Scarus spp.
panuhunuhu stareye parrotfish Calotomus carolinus.
Sphyraenidae (Barracuda) kawele`a, kaku Heller's barracuda Sphyraena helleri.
Kaku great barracuda Sphyraena barracuda.
Turbinidae green snails turban shells Turbo spp.
Zanclidae kihikihi moorish idol Zanclus cornutus.
Chaetodontidae kikakapu butterflyfish Chaetodon auriga.
kikakapu raccoon butterflyfish Chaetodon lunula.
kikakapu saddleback butterflyfish Chaetodon ephippium.
Sabellidae featherduster worm.

Hawaii Potentially Harvested Coral Reef Taxa:

Local name English common name Scientific name
Hinalea wrasses (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Labridae.
Man sharks (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Carcharhinidae, Sphyrnidae.
Hihimanu rays and skates Dasyatididae, Myliobatidae.
roi, hapu`upu `u groupers, seabass (Those species not listed as CHCRT or in BMUS) Serrandiae.
tilefishes Malacanthidae.
dobe, kagami, pa`opa`o, papa, omaka, ulua jacks and scads (Those species not listed as CHCRT or in BMUS) Carangidae.
`u`u solderfishes and squirrelfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Holocentridae.
weke, moano, kumu goatfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Mullidae.
na`ena `e, maikoiko surgeonfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Acanthuridae.
remoras Echeneidae.
Puhi eels (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Muraenidae, Congridae, Ophichthidae.
`upapalu cardinalfishes Apogonidae.
herrings Clupeidae.
Nehu anchovies Engraulidae.
coral crouchers Caracanthidae.
`o`opu gobies Gobiidae.
to`au snappers (Those species not listed as CHCRT or in BMUS) Lutjanidae.
Nunu trumpetfish Aulostomus chinensis.
nunu peke cornetfish Fistularia commersoni.
Kihikihi moorish Idols Zanclidae.
Kikakapu butterflyfishes Chaetodontidae.
angelfishes Pomacanthidae.
Mamo damselfishes Pomacentridae.
nohu, okoze scorpionfishes, lionfishes Scorpaenidae.
pa o'o blennies Blenniidae.
Kaku barracudas (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Sphyraenidae.
sandperches Pinguipedidae.
paki`i flounders and soles Bothidae, Soleidae, Pleurnectidae.
Makukana trunkfishes Ostraciidae.
humu humu trigger fishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Balistidae.
Nenue rudderfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Kyphosidae.
po`opa`a hawkfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Cirrhitidae.
`o`opu hue, fugu puffer fishes and porcupine fishes Tetradontidae.
frogfishes Antennariidae.
pipefishes and seahorses Syngnathidae.
namako, lole, wana sea cucumbers and sea urchins (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Echinoderms.
ko`a ahermatypic corals Azooxanthellates.
ko`a mushroom corals Fungiidae.
ko`a small and large coral polyps
soft corals and gorgonians
anemones Actinaria.
soft zoanthid corals Zoanthinaria.
hydroid corals Solanderidae.
ko`a lace corals Stylasteridae.
ula, a`ama, mo`ala, `alakuma lobsters, shrimps, mantis shrimps, true crabs and hermit crabs (Those species not listed as CMUS) Crustaceans.
Hydrozoans, Bryzoans.
black-lip pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera.
other clams Other Bivalves.
sea squirts Tunicates.
sponges Porifera.
tako, he`e octopi Cephalopods.
sea snails Gastropoda.
sea slugs Opistobranchs.
Limu seaweed Algae.
Live rock.
segmented worms (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Annelids.
All other Hawaii coral reef ecosystem MUS that are marine plants, invertebrates, and fishes that are not listed in the Hawaii CHCRT table or are not Hawaii bottomfish, crustacean, precious coral, seamount groundfish or western Pacific pelagic MUS.

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