50 CFR § 665.427 - Allowable gear and gear restrictions.

§ 665.427 Allowable gear and gear restrictions.

(a) Mariana coral reef ECS may be taken only with the following allowable gear and methods:

(1) Hand harvest;

(2) Spear;

(3) Slurp gun;

(4) Hand net/dip net;

(5) Hoop net for Kona crab;

(6) Throw net;

(7) Barrier net;

(8) Surround/purse net that is attended at all times;

(9) Hook-and-line (includes handline (powered or not), rod-and-reel, and trolling);

(10) Crab and fish traps with vessel ID number affixed; and

(11) Remote-operating vehicles/submersibles.

(b) Mariana coral reef ECS may not be taken by means of poisons, explosives, or intoxicating substances. Possession or use of these materials by any permit holder under this subpart who is established to be fishing for coral reef ECS in the management area is prohibited.

(c) Existing FEP fisheries shall follow the allowable gear and methods outlined in their respective plans.

(d) Any person who intends to fish with new gear not included in this section must describe the new gear and its method of deployment in the special permit application. A decision on the permissibility of this gear type will be made by the Regional Administrator after consultation with the Council and the director of the affected state fishery management agency.

[75 FR 2205, Jan. 14, 2010, as amended at 84 FR 2775, Feb. 8, 2019]