50 CFR 665.621 - Definitions.

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§ 665.621 Definitions.

As used in §§ 665.620 through 665.639:

PRIA coral reef ecosystem management unit species (PRIA coral reef ecosystem MUS) means all of the Currently Harvested Coral Reef Taxa and Potentially Harvested Coral Reef Taxa listed in this section and which spend the majority of their non-pelagic (post-settlement) life stages within waters less than or equal to 50 fathoms in total depth.

PRIA Currently Harvested Coral Reef Taxa:

Family name English common name Scientific name
Acanthuridae (Surgeonfishes) orange-spot Acanthurus olivaceus.
yellowfin surgeonfish Acanthurus xanthopterus.
convict tang Acanthurus triostegus.
eye-striped surgeonfish Acanthurus dussumieri.
blue-lined surgeon Acanthurus nigroris.
Whitebar surgeonfish Acanthurus leucopareius.
blue-banded surgeonfish Acanthurus lineatus.
blackstreak surgeonfish Acanthurus nigricauda.
whitecheek surgeonfish Acanthurus nigricans.
white-spotted surgeonfish Acanthurus guttatus.
Ringtail surgeonfish Acanthurus blochii.
brown surgeonfish Acanthurus nigrofuscus.
yellow-eyed surgeonfish Ctenochaetus strigosus.
striped bristletooth Ctenochaetus striatus.
twospot bristletooth Ctenochaetus binotatus.
Yellow tang Zebrasoma flavescens.
bluespine unicornfish Naso unicornus.
orangespine unicornfish Naso lituratus.
black tongue unicornfish Naso hexacanthus.
bignose unicornfish Naso vlamingii.
whitemargin unicornfish Naso annulatus.
spotted unicornfish Naso brevirostris.
Labridae (Wrasses) Napoleon wrasse Cheilinus undulatus.
Triple-tail wrasse Cheilinus trilobatus.
Floral wrasse Cheilinus chlorourus.
ring-tailed wrasse Oxycheilinus unifasciatus.
bandcheek wrasse Oxycheilinus diagrammus.
Barred thicklip Hemigymnus fasciatus.
three-spot wrasse Halichoeres trimaculatus.
red ribbon wrasse Thalassoma quinquevittatum.
Sunset wrasse Thalassoma lutescens.
Mullidae (Goatfishes) Yellow goatfish Mulloidichthys. spp.
Orange goatfish Mulloidichthys pfleugeri.
yellowstripe goatfish Mulloidichthys flavolineatus.
Banded goatfish Parupeneus. spp.
Mullidae (Goatfishes) dash-dot goatfish Parupeneus barberinus.
yellowsaddle goatfish Parupeneus cyclostomas.
multi-barred goatfish Parupeneus multifaciatus.
bantail goatfish Upeneus arge.
Mugilidae (Mullets) fringelip mullet Crenimugil crenilabis.
engel's mullet Moolgarda engeli.
false mullet Neomyxus leuciscus.
Muraenidae (Moray eels) yellowmargin moray eel Gymnothorax flavimarginatus.
giant moray eel Gymnothorax javanicus.
undulated moray eel Gymnothorax undulatus.
Octopodidae Octopus Octopus cyanea.
Octopus Octopus ornatus.
Pricanthidae (Bigeye) Glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus.
Scaridae (Parrotfishes) Humphead parrotfish Bolbometopon muricatum.
parrotfish Scarus. spp.
pacific longnose parrotfish Hipposcarus longiceps.
stareye parrotfish Calotomus carolinus.
Scombridae Dogtooth tuna Gymnosarda unicolor.
Sphyraenidae (Barracuda) great barracuda Sphyraena barracuda.

PRIA Potentially Harvested Coral Reef Taxa:

English common name Scientific name
wrasses (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Labridae.
sharks (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Carcharhinidae, Sphyrnidae.
rays and skates Myliobatidae, Mobulidae.
groupers (Those species not listed as CHCRT or as BMUS) Serrandiae.
jacks and scads (Those species not listed as CHCRT or as BMUS) Carangidae.
solderfishes and squirrelfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Holocentridae.
goatfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Mullidae.
Batfishes Ephippidae.
Sweetlips Haemulidae.
Remoras Echeneidae.
Tilefishes Malacanthidae.
Dottybacks Pseudochromidae.
Prettyfins Plesiopidae.
surgeonfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Acanthuridae.
emperors (Those species not listed as CHCRT or as BMUS) Lethrinidae.
Herrings Clupeidae.
Gobies Gobiidae.
snappers (Those species not listed as CHCRT or as BMUS) Lutjanidae.
trigger fishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Balistidae.
rabbitfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Siganidae.
eels (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Muraenidae, Chlopsidae, Congridae, Ophichthidae.
Cardinalfishes Apogonidae.
moorish idols Zanclidae.
butterfly fishes Chaetodontidae.
Angelfishes Pomacanthidae.
Damselfishes Pomacentridae.
Scorpionfishes Scorpaenidae.
Blennies Blenniidae.
barracudas (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Sphyraenidae.
Sandperches Pinguipedidae.
rudderfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Kyphosidae.
Fusiliers Caesionidae.
hawkfishes (Those species not listed as CHCRT) Cirrhitidae.
Frogfishes Antennariidae.
pipefishes, seahorses Syngnathidae.
flounders, soles Bothidae.
Trunkfishes Ostraciidae.
puffer fishes, porcupine fishes Tetradontidae.
Trumpetfish Aulostomus chinensis.
Cornetfish Fistularia commersoni.
blue corals Heliopora.
organpipe corals Tubipora.
ahermatypic corals Azooxanthellates.
mushroom corals Fungiidae.
small and large coral polyps
fire corals Millepora.
soft corals, gorgonians
Anemones Actinaria.
soft zoanthid corals Zoanthinaria.
Hydrozoans, Bryzoans.
sea squirts Tunicates.
sea cucumbers and sea urchins Echinoderms.
Those species not listed as CHCRT Mollusca.
sea snails Gastropoda.
sea slugs Opistobranchs.
black lipped pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera.
giant clam Tridacnidae.
other clams Other Bivalves.
lobsters, shrimps/mantis shrimps, true crabs and hermit crabs
(Those species not listed as CMUS)
Sponges Porifera.
lace corals Stylasteridae.
hydroid corals Solanderidae.
segmented worms Annelids.
Seaweed Algae.
Live rock.
All other PRIA coral reef ecosystem MUS that are marine plants, invertebrates, and fishes that are not listed in the PRIA CHCRT table or are not PRIA bottomfish, crustacean, precious coral, or western Pacific pelagic MUS.

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