50 CFR § 665.933 - Prohibitions.

§ 665.933 Prohibitions.

In addition to the general prohibitions specified in § 600.725 of this chapter, and § 665.15 and subparts E and F of this part, the following activities are prohibited in the Monument and, thus, unlawful for a person to conduct or cause to be conducted.

(a) Commercial fishing in the Monument.

(b) Non-commercial fishing in the Monument, except as authorized under permit and pursuant to the procedures and criteria established in § 665.935.

(c) Transferring a permit in violation of § 665.935(d).

(d) Commercial fishing outside the Monument and non-commercial fishing within the Monument on the same trip in violation of § 665.934(c).

(e) Non-commercial fishing within 12 nm of emergent land within the Monument, unless authorized by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in consultation with NMFS and the Council, in violation of § 665.934(d). For the purposes of this subsection, consultation means that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will consult with NMFS, which in turn will consult with the Council.

[78 FR 33003, June 3, 2013, as amended at 78 FR 39583, July 2, 2013]